Why ‘Muthoni Drummer Queen’ is Kenya’s Very Own ‘Mona Scott Young’

If you’ve never heard of ‘Mona Scott Young’, I assure you that you’ve probably come across some of the personalities she’s made famous globally in the reality TV and music world.

Mona Scott Young

Renowned musicians like Remy Ma, Joseline Hernandez, Ray J, and even break-out star Cardi-B are who they are today because of Mona Scott Young. Well not to say ‘she made them’ per say, but they accredit a major chunk of their fame to lady Mona, Creator and Executive Director of the hit TV Reality franchise, ‘Love & Hip Hop’. So successful have her shows been, with 4 franchises in Atlanta, New York, Hollywood and recently in Miami, that reality TV has forever been changed.

We’ve had similar reality spin-off shows trying to imitate what ‘Love & Hip Hop’ (#LHH) has done, but we all know there can only be one OG in the game.

Ask Khalighraph. He’s bound to let you know.

Back to Kenya.

Muthoni Drummer Queen, also known as MDQ has created a similar force in our music scene. She’s the founder of ‘Blankets & Wine’, a live concert that showcases all the new and hype artists in Kenya and has evolved over the years, to host shows in Uganda and Rwanda as well.

MDQ with artists like Blinky Bill & Mayonde

In similarity to #LHH, Blankets & Wine is a platform for musicians, both upcoming and seasoned. Muthoni has provided a plinth where artists such as Dela, Fena and Mayonde rose to fame while inviting international musicians to grace her event.

Nigerian artist Niniola headlines B&W 2017

Both women are an important factor to the music scene and might have even made history, by creating something that no-one had ever thought of, and yet manage to stand still even in the era of imitation. So powerful is the B&W Brand that it should be made a part of Kenya’s historic heritage. If we celebrate music and culture from our past; then we should celebrate the music and culture of our present in similar fashion.

B&W stands as a safe haven for creatives and lovers of music alike to network, express themselves, purchase creative merchandize as well as enjoy entertainment from a line-up of great artists and Djs, all the while grabbing treats to a variety of food and drink.

They don’t call Muthoni a Queen for nothing.

Heck, she envisioned her greatness when no-one else believed in it. Or even saw it coming. Maybe she should now think of producing a reality TV show for musicians and go the Mona-way?

It could be a great food for thought!

Check out her latest track, ‘Suzie Noma’, off the album, ‘SHE’.


(Images c/o: https://www.blanketsandwine.com/ )