Random Things You Didn’t Know About Lupita Nyong’o

The only time Lupita came back home was in the accompaniment of Vogue Magazine, just after she’d won her Oscar. She was welcomed in warm African celebrations, by choirs and choirs of well-rehearsed praise songs from young school girls.

She was lucky enough to get a shout out from Jay-Z in his song ‘We Made It’, where he mentioned the phrase, ‘I’m on my Lupita Nyong’o!’ Lupita only heard about it from her younger brother (remember the one in the memorable and most retweeted selfie?), who then sent her numerous voice notes on WhatsApp yelling, “Yow! Yow! Jay-Z!”

Lupita also met Beyoncé at a hotel where she and her sister Solange walked up to Lupita and introduced themselves to her! Can you imagine that? Beyoncé walking up and introducing herself to you, as though you didn’t know her! Lupita is also girls with Rihanna and Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchett.

But many don’t know that Lupita started out her acting career right here in Nairobi, Kenya. She officially debut her acting in season one of Shuga; an African series depicting the myths and stigmas surrounding HIV and AIDS.

She’s since then been on the cover of Vogue three times and won an Oscar after her first Hollywood launch, and is the face of Lancôme Paris, among other magazine covers and awards.

But that’s not why we simply adore Lupita.

The reason we’re enamoured by her is because of the little things that most people know not of her.

She’s honored to fly our Kenyan flag high up. She premiered Kisumu County, and initiated the appearance of her grandmother as well as her mother in Vogue and that to us, to her fellow countrymen, is as good as gold.

Lupita is considered Hollywood royalty, a treasured muse, an African goddess.

The girl proudly walks around in her rich dark Luo skin and adorns African Kanga fabrics when she heads on to interviews to celebrated TV shows such as The Ellen Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live, and even got a personal invitation to Oprah’s house for lunch.

Lupita’s name is also mentioned as the benchmark for the acclaimed movement, #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackGirlsRock, where even other TV shows such as Being Mary Jane, Scandal and Wendy celebrate her for inspiring black women to gain confidence in their dark skin.

She hails from the origins of Ugali and Fish and Avocado. She would love to know how to make her staple food Ugali, and whenever is in town, spends time with her mother who shows her how to make it while using a jiko. She eats the delicacy in the company of her parents in an authentic Luo style; with fish and sukuma wiki while using her hands as cutlery.

She also likes to narrate to them silly stories, as a daughter would entertain her parents, of large hotel monkeys with blue balls stealing her mangoes as though they were a typical cocktail glass.

For breakfast, Lupita prefers to eat plantains, sweet potatoes and blueberries. She loves the occasional walk in the park in Brooklyn and wastes her weekends watching movies. She junks on a good margarita pizza and is particularly specific about her taste in fashion.

Her favorite drink is pineapple juice and fave workout song is ‘So Special’ by Jamaican artist, Mavado.

Lupita lionizes her mother as the most stylish woman in the world, moved to Mexico at the tender age of 16 all by herself, and if she had to make a choice, would prefer to sight giraffes other than zebras at a park.

She ascertains that growing up in Kenya was normal for her, nothing out of the norm as most white people imagine and would love a tattoo of an infinity sign in-between her fingers.

She winds off by listening to John Legend and Nina Simone, and her acting goal is to cameo in Game of Thrones.

Best rap lyric? ‘A lady in the streets, but a freak in the bed.’

Her advice to you reader, is to not sweat the small stuff and if she wasn’t an actress, she’d be a massage therapist.

See why we love Lupita?