Of Breathtaking Views From Angama Mara

Imagine seated by a fireplace sipping on some hot masala tea, overlooking the vast view of the Maasai Mara Triangle. Seems spectacular, right? Just when I thought I had come across and seen all that luxury hotels have to offer, in comes Angama Mara – creating a whole different experience that leaves you feeling as though you were left suspended in mid-air.

Because that’s the meaning of Angama, in Swahili that is; To Suspend.

Angama is a pure experience, one that leaves you feeling as though you were floating somewhere right in the middle of heaven and earth; Angama is a spectacular place, because the hotel is literally perched at the very top of an escarpment, specifically to offer awe-inspiring views of the Maasai Mara; Angama is also a way of life, because the service at Angama is notably high end, one whose status has been placed high and beyond.

Game Drive

Our game drive begun at about 9am, and we were an eager bunch of six, ready and prepped to sight some cats and most of all, the Great Wildebeest Migration. Our first animals were a fleet of giraffes lazily having their morning snack, followed by a herd of zebras and wildebeests.

Soon enough, we got to sight a female cheetah seated under a tree observing her prey and later on, a lioness actually catching her prey.

Peace signs with Douglas, Angama Mara guide

As though by chance, our guide Douglas got wind that the Wildebeest Migration was about to happen, and so we dashed to the Mara River to witness this rare spectacular that few have the privilege to catch the Seventh Wonder of the World. Here we were, perched right by the river bank, patiently seated for about 30 minutes waiting for the great cross. And just when we were beginning to get weary thinking that the animals were cowardly and weren’t actually going to go through with it, then it happened!

The much anticipated Wildebeest Migration

Thousands upon thousands of herds of wildebeests and zebras fled through the wild scary coffee-waters to cross towards the other side, placing their fear of the fat crocodiles lazing around aside to save their lives.  A baby wildebeest was not as lucky as the others unfortunately, as it got caught by a crocodile!

An excited lot at the Maasai Manyatta

The Mara adventure then proceeded to a Maasai Manyatta, where we got to see the day-to-day activities of the Maasai Community who were keen on showing us their lifestyle.

Sundowners and Maasai Ambush

Our trip ended on a high note with sundowner moments at Angama and a Maasai dance ambush, the hospitality that is the Angama staff, a warm hug from Nikki Fitzgerald, owner and co-founder of Angama, a ginger toffee from their daughter Kate Fitzgerald to help my clogged nose and watery eyes that were probably as a result of the change in weather, and a great wave of goodbyes from Azei, Douglas and Terry from Angama!

Soaring High

As they say back at Angama, Keep Soaring High!

I would definitely recommend this place to you, your boss, your entire extended family and most specially, your lover. You’ll need some warmth to chase the Mara cold away. And if you just happen to be alone, then the Angama bed warmers will suit just fine.

(All Images Courtesy: Martin Muraguri)