My African Mother

My African Mother is a warrior. She is a she-god. A magician in her craft that is embellished ‘Motherhood’.

She is a sacrifice; for the good of her children, for the love of her offspring.

My African Mother lightens my world.

Whenever she’s at home, it feels like a Saturday, calm and serenity

My mother loves. She’s caring. She’s pristine. She’s clean.

Nothing she can ever do can be wrong.

She might not know all the answers to life, but she creates solutions to problems, issues that then transform into non issues.

My African Mother is ride-or-die. She’s a child of God; who’s borne fruit to children of God.

She protects her lineage. Ensures they are anointed, blesses them.

My African Mother is a pillow for comfort; she is the light at the end of the tunnel, the illumination from a tower overlooking darkness, the glow of direction.

My African Mother bears it all for her young ones; she takes in all the spears headed towards her and shields her loved ones.

My African Mother never tires. Even with crease linings forming on her forehead, she finds the time and opportunity to smile. To be grateful. To be thankful.

Mother forgives. She has an energy running smoothly though her veins, beyond explanation.

She is the place of comfort and solace. A student of peace and unity.

My African Mother has the body of a goddess. She prepares her skin with smooth ore and paints her lips in confident crimson.

Mother learned how to be an African Mother from her African Mother, who learned it from her African Mother.

My African Mother loves me.

Me, a typical African child.

She loves me.

With all her heart. With all her being.

And that’s why I am who I am, how I am. And I am grateful for that.

My African Mother is the lioness of the wilderness, a strength and fortress, a place of okay.

My African Mother lets me be me; with my moods and my anger and my stress.

She takes care of me, even when I don’t take much notice of her.

She is great, a fortress, a steel of strength.

Oh Mama Africa.

May you bring forth women worth the title, African Mother.